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Arjen Kitty
Arjen Kitty 1K

Our Show Stopper Doe!

Flashy Front
Awesome Top
Thick Throughout!

                          Balson Mkubwa
            Ram H Kerel
                          West Cans 28AE
  Arjen Kitty 1K
                          Borg's Cardium
            Midriver Arabica 214H
                          Ram H Nala Brew

Ram H Jassy 31K

Major League Buck Mother!
Double-bred Mkubwa

Sleek Front, Stylish Top, 

Dam of Ram H Maddox 

(see reference sires)



Canadian Agribition Show
Sr.Champ / Res. Grand 2002

                          Balson Mkubwa
            Ram H Kerel
                          West Cans 28AE
  Ram H Jassy 31K
                          Ram H Simpson
            Ram H Jaspreet
                          Ram H Shandi
Arjen Krypton
Arjen Krypton

2002 Canadian National Show

 Grand Champion

We have 3 of his Daughters, 3 sisters, and his mother's full sister
His full brother is Arjen Kirby and who has 7 daughters in our herd.

Daughters express height, length, and are very growthy.

                          Balson Mkubwa
            Ram H Montana Captured
                          Magnum Soma
  Arjen Krypton
                          Borg's Cardium
            Midriver Amarella
                          Ram H Nala Brew

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