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Welcome to Boers by Hobby, nestled in California's extremely agricultural
Central Valley
. Our goal is to promote the Meat Goat Industry by increasing
public awareness, produce a healthy product, emphasize maternal strength,
size and scale, and most excitedly, genetically plan the next generation to be
the best it can be!

2017 Boers by Hobby Seedstock Sale

Saturday, July 8, 2017
Our Special 15th Annual Sale
More available soon at

2017 Oktoberfest is tentatively scheduled for November 4 and 5, 2017
at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds! For more info, click HERE
2016 Results are posted on ABGA.

Like a good book, Boers by Hobby continues to perpetuate to the next genetic line!
The newest chapter in the Boers by Hobby breeding chapter is
Backed by all the great bucks of the breed!!
Capriole's Tuffy James, Ruger, Outback Jack, Scorpio, Makers Mark, Eggsfile, Sumo,
Stud Monkey, Top gun, Pistolero, Pipeline, Rambo, Bingo, Tobias, & more!!

Be watching for his Winter Babies!!

Thank you to the buyers of the 2016 Color Connection Labor Day Sale!
We are extremely excited to expand our Hobby genetics in IN, GA, KY, OK, & TX!
We are pleased to have the high-selling buck going to Ron McGill & family, Cicro, IN.

Caddy Jack

Thank you to all that attended our
2016 Boers by Hobby Seedstock "Sell-a-bration" Sale

PDF version available HERE

Click HERE for a quick video of what was offered in 2015!

D1459 CometD1513

Animals sold coast to coast!! California to Virginia with many stops throughout.

2016 ABGA Nationals:
Boers by Hobby had a fun and productive run!

4th JABGA 12-16 Buck, 6th 3-6B Full Blood Doe, 8th 3-6 Buck,
10th and 11th 3-6A Full Blood Doe Classes
Check ABGA's National Show facebook page for more!

Colusa County Fair Champion shown by Taylor Rodriguez
Thank you for your 2016 purchases!

Please email to be put on the 2017 wait list!!

We are continuing to admire the offspring of this fun powerful buck,
His babies are phenomenal as they should be!!! Powerful tops, great "butterfly rib shape"
Thank you Natalie Shaffer for breeding this awesome 3LF Stargate son!


See or inquire privately.

Building Pedigrees: Review the 3 Pedigree "Collages" on Ruddy and Navajo
just as an example to visualize what we do to make great matings for
the next generation! Newcomer: Hobby Partner's ACTION D1460
Click on: RUDDY & NAVAJO Collages


Goat/Beef Pepper Sticks for sale!!
Click here to view a sample of these yummy USDA approved treats!
Priced at $8.00/ 5 oz. package + S/H
Email to order.

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We are building our pedigrees!! What looks best so far this year??
A.I. breedings, Ruddy, Hobby Action, Navajo, & MAJOR babies!


2X National Champion IBGA Buck ~ 2011 & 2012

Hobby Duke of Diamonds Z728 (Sire: Yabukova)
Click HERE for more information
2012 National Goat Expo Champion ABGA Show #2 Full Blood Doe
Yabakova's dam, PPW 7B149 LACY
Boers by Hobby & Advanced Animal Analysis (aAa) are teaming up for corrective mating~
Click HERE for a link to the aAa web site!

Click HERE for Pregnancy Toxemia Revive Recipe! Many are asking for it!
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Aways busy in the barn, but we invite you to see
the meat goats that we've designed to be balanced, fertile, sound
breeders with longevity and more pounds of meat produced per goat!

Another Yabukova Dtr proving his transmitting power:
Hobby Yab Chakatta Z730
Click HERE for a photo
(Yabukova x X362 Chakatta [Snort x Prince x Sir Peter x Eggsfile Chakatta])
Overall Champion Doe - Manteca Boer Goat Show Day 1
Res. Overall Best of Show - Manteca 2-day Show, 4/2&3/2011
We are very proud of the balanced pedigrees,
nutrition practices, and show results of our Boer goats.
"Your wethers were much larger than the others in the pen, same age!"
~ Matthew Sailors, Galt FFA
Hobby Visa Kaptivator - Overall Champion Buck -
October Finale Show 10/25/08
2008 2x Winner of Get-of-Sire Group (DSM Snort offspring)
- 49'er & Dixon Summer Classic, click here for photo

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